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Thread: April Events

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    April Events

    New month, new events.

    Shy Versus Bold: New stuff in the House of Ed frontier dungeon, I assume. Curious as to what new "Bold" threat we'll be facing.
    Signed in Blood: Perhaps some new talismans focused on contracts/pacts? Last Raid Boss had us get a character, so I assume this is talisman focused.
    Good and Evil: Perhaps another shot at Cosmic Good and Evil talismans, or a new character who can use them?
    Destructive Charge: Standard evolution event.
    Night Terrors: Could be some new nightmare/dream focused characters, as this month appears to have some Seventh Son theming going on.
    Ultimate Power: No clue really, this name is pretty generic for an arena event.
    Gauntlet Season 18: New sentinel character, perhaps focused on Seventh Son as well?
    Destiny Decided: A new seventh son-themed dungeon, as shown in the background of this month's event post. Pretty nice art!
    Silver General of White: Frag event for a decent Shogi character.
    Mystifying Menagerie: A menagerie is a collection of animals, so perhaps a chimera-esque character or more animal themed talismans?

    Finally, this month's monthly event is called Mischief and Mayhem. I guess the April Fool's stuff is sticking around all month.

    What do you guys think?

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    Hopefully Iron Eddie will get a Fury alternative version. That would be different than a fury Eddie getting a passive variant. But most likely Seventh Son Eddie will get a passive variant.

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