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Thread: May Events

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    May Events

    New month means new LotB events!

    Way of the Sword: Samurai Frontier Dungeon's new madness mode.
    Frozen Solitude: Probably russian stuff from Trooper? Not fully certain.
    Mind and Soul: Either new PoM toons or talismans, leaning towards talismans.
    Serenity of Sprit: Evo event as usual.
    Reaching the Sun: Icarus or Daedalus variants, probably Daedalus as we just got an Icarus variant in February.
    Among the Living: Still Life, maybe? No idea, this one isn't entirely clear.
    Madhouse: Most likely, more PoM asylum related stuff.
    Wasted Love: Frag event, same as usual.
    Eternal Legacy: Probably the Immortal event where we get Eddie souls for running the dungeon!

    And the monthly event is Inner Demons, which I am thinking is likely tied to PoM's themes around madness and inner turmoil.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Among The Living / Madhouse has all the makings of the best collab to date... AN ANTHRAX COLLAB!!!

    I don't like to get my hopes up too often, but I am extremely hopeful for this one. Maybe we get The Walking Dude? Or the NOT Man? Or Both?! Oh, the possibilities!
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    40th Anniversary of Piece of Mind being released makes me think we might get a variant of POM, similar to the Shattered Minds variant of Seventh Son.
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