As the future past tour begins, so too does a new month of LotB Events!

Rush and Repel: Could be a set of talismans, maybe based on Senjutsu/Stratego?
Night of Mystery: Not exactly sure on this; might be some re-releases of older characters like Cardinal Immortus.
Towerfall: Same as usual.
Chaining the Hound: Maybe a dungeon focused on some werewolf characters?
Impending Snowstorm: Yeah again not too sure here; nothing from the new tour screams snow stuff at me. So, could be a re-release.
Surge of Strength: Evo event.
Temporal Abstraction: Might be based on the Time Machine, the song off Senjutsu. Also could be Somewhere in Time. Honestly there's a lot of things this could be, but my guess is it's some character from either of those songs/albums.
Sinister Gathering: Not too sure for this dungeon either; maybe it could be a continuation of that Total Eclipse Ed story we saw in Powerslave Madness?
Borrowed Chords: I'm guessing this is either the Drifter or some variation of him.
Galactic Warfare: Unsure; might be more alien characters from Somewhere in Time.
DJ Ester Vile: Usual frag event.

And the monthly event is called Time Warp; probably some strange amalgamation Eddie with cyborg and samurai parts.

What do you all think?