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    Trooper Dungeon freezing up

    I'm trying to run the Trooper dungeons for the Cavalry Eddie frags, and I can rarely complete the run without the game completely freezing/locking up on me.

    Is it the instance, or the team combo doing this?

    Trooper Eddie
    Lady Azov

    Anyone else experience or solve this? I'm wasting a lot of sands on bugged runs.

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    i have the same issue, i think is with trooper Eddie, when using multiple target attacks freezes.
    To avoid this issue i am using other eddie as main character and trooper eddie in reserve,

    If i use Trooper Eddie, Lady Azov, Bastion, chieftain. the game freezes,, but if i use Piece of mind eddie, lady Azov, Bastion, Chieftain, i play as normal.
    Maxed out Characters:
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