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Thread: July Events

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    July Events

    Anniversary time!

    Nothingness and Dust: New difficulty has been added to the Infernal Frontier Dungeon; I would highly recommend playing it as it contributes further to the main story and that's pretty cool! As for the event reward itself, I'm not fully sure.
    Gauntlet Summer Tour: Now we say goodbye to the Soothsayer, and hello to the gauntlet's in-between period.
    Midnight Conjurer: I assume this is that "Midnight Shaman Eddie" that was mentioned in the recent hot fix notes. Interested to see how he plays!
    7th Anniversary Celebration: This is the time for all of you to go nuts and try to get any character released in the past year with the exception of paid ones and raid bosses. Happy birthday LOTB!
    Rise and Shine: Standard evo stuff as per usual.
    In The Dark: This marks a second dungeon this month, so I wonder if this could be a collaboration dungeon. If so, not quite sure who the collab is with.
    Runaway Convict: Brave New World event; maybe some variant of the Prisoner or one of the convicts we see in Night City?
    Fusion of Souls: Book of Souls events are usually pretty neat, so that's nice as is. I wonder if this will be a character or a talisman set though.
    Sonic Symphony: Maybe a new music-themed talisman set or character, similar to the band Eddies or the Keyboard Talismans.
    Pawn of Black: Frag event, not much new.
    Gauntlet Season 19: I can't believe we're already at season 19, it doesn't feel like it's been that long. Either way, new gunner character!

    What do you all think?

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    As for the madness difficulty in Inferno - you can go through 1 time to understand the plot, but otherwise it's really a pointless waste of ironite. Personally, I did just that, and wasted no time in farming the new Eddie.

    As for other events, we'll see.
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