Welcome to our second State Of The Nation of 2023! It’s been a great 6 months and we are excited to share with you this summer update!

Let’s go through a 6 month recap to see what’s happened this year:

Performance Update!
We pushed out an update in April that increased the performance of the game and included some QoL bug fixes such as the view in the store resetting after purchasing an item.

We had some really sick collaborations with some amazing bands such as Motorhead, Anthrax, and In Flames!
We also brought some great collab characters back during the Download Fest event Chaining The Hounds! This included Knucklehead from Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Emeritus IV from Ghost, Guy from Disturbed, and Genesis from Within Temptation!

During the first half of 2023, we brought back livestreams! You can find us on YouTube and Facebook for our official livestreams.. But if you’re around our socials you may start seeing very short impromptu livestreams on Instagram and Facebook…

Social post fun!
We had a lot of fun coming up with some very silly posts. Here is my favourite. Celebrating International Kissing Day, we decided to have some fun and set up Dark Prophet with his very own kissing booth!

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Okay, so what’s coming up for the remainder of 2023? Glad you asked -

Even more Collabs!
We’ve still got a few more to go this year, and we cannot wait to release more characters and dungeons based on the bands we are working with! Stay tuned!

New Characters
We’ve got some cool characters coming out soon so why not share a few concept pieces of them for you to get excited over!

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Game Guide!
There is an awesome player guide made by GrimDusk. If you’re new to LOTB, this guide can help you starting out and is just as useful for veteran players as well!

Player Run Discord!
There is a discord server run by long-time player Galactic Cosmos. This active server is open to discussing all things LOTB and more! We’re fans of this discord. Send Galactic Cosmos a message on Discord (galacticcosmos) for an invite!

Before we go, we just want to say thank you for an awesome 2023 so far. Here is to the rest of the year and more to come!

Up The Irons!