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Thread: August Events

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    August Events

    Well, August is here and two of the events have already started! However, I will still put everything here along with any speculation.

    Strategic Deployment has already started, and features the new Gangland difficulty for a chance at older characters.
    Covert Infiltration: Could be some sort of stealth/spy related character, as we seem to be going with AMOLAD themes this time around.
    A Feast of Ashes: Not entirely sure; it isn't a collaboration dungeon, so I could maybe see this somehow being related to Icarus or something?
    Release the Hounds: Normal Evo event stuff.
    Calm Before the Storm: Maybe another chance at some of the Storm Riders, or something with WotW themes?
    Harmonious Onslaught: Based on prior events we've been getting with musical themes, I'm betting this is a new set of musical talismans, either guitar or bass.
    Out of the Shadows: Another stealthy killer character?
    Around the World: Not too sure here, could be a new character or even a re-release. I could see this being another chance at Long Distance Runner.
    Yufei: Normal fragment event stuff.

    The month long event, Fearless Tactics, gives a shot at Tank Commander Eddie. If you want, you can see him in the madness airstrip dungeon.

    What are you all excited for this month?

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    I reckon we'll be getting an AMOLAD bespoke this month at some point, given how things are tying in to that album so far. Also, the artwork for the current dungeon will serve nicely as an Eddie's Saga level when the next batch are added to that key.
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