New month, more events as Iron Maiden's tour continues.

Art of War: Likely a stratego themed dungeon, as some players have found extra achievements relating to the shogi characters.
Wildest Dreams: Probably the driver themed character from the State of the Nation.
Cheating Death: Not entirely sure, but the song Journeyman does mention cheating death. Assuming this September we are celebrating Dance of Death (which is possible with the Wildest Dreams event), it might fit.
Surviving Hell: Not too sure, but variety events are always pretty good for rewards. Might be that Hell on Earth Dan Mumford Eddie.
Circle of Fire: This only furthers my idea that there's going to be a Dance of Death theme this month. That, or this is a reference to The Evil That Men Do.
Bound by Fate: Not sure at all with this one. Dungeons are always pretty neat though, and the bowling alley background in the event post seems cool.
Death's Echo: More Dance of Death stuff, potentially. Not sure what specifically, though.
Resilient Revival: Standard evolution event stuff.
Andromeda, Different World Assassin: Fragment event, not a bad choice either.

And the monthly event is Undying March, which really doesn't fit any of what I've said so far. So, who knows what we're getting!

What do you all think? Anything you want to see?