Current team setup:
Soldier Eddie 4*/80 - 2x Boost (Will) 4*/40, 2x Rush (Will) 4*/40, 1x Explosive (Fierce) 3*/30
Allied Soldier 4*/73 - 4x Holy (Power) 3*/30, 1x Stone (Overwhelming) 3*/30
Warrior Child of the Damned 5*/83 - 2x Guardian (Fierce)4*/40 5*/40, 2x Strength (Fierce) 4*/40, 2x Explosive (Skilled) 4*/40

I'm looking for some advice on how to move on from here. At the moment I don't wanna spend what little money
I have on upgrading any more of the "wrong" talismans.
So while building up my economy, what talismans should I aim for and where would be a good place to hunt those?
I am well aware of the Explosive and Stone talis should not be there but they are placeholders in lack of better
Are the yellow ones (boost, rush) still valid for SE?
Is getting Piercing worth it for CotD?
Is Holy still better than Arcane paladin?

While at it, I am in real short supply of
2* red evo rune
3* red evo rune
3* A rune
The drop info on the different realms are not very informative either

Ailing and KotS done on madness, Battlefield madness and Underworld hard in progress.
Kinda stuck on lvl 6-7 in the different time rifts.

Any kind of input will be very apreciated. Thanks in advance.