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    First 5* drop sentinel pharaoh eddie

    got my first 5* a week or so ago = pharaoh Eddie, leveling him in battles at moment, read the character post on him so placing those talismans on him as well.

    got 4 maybe 4 or 5 rare souls saved maybe a legendary, not sure if i want to save them or wait to see what comes with the next update.

    And UGH evo,s are just bad bad bad drop wise, seems like it will take MONTHS to get my 4* chars advanced to 5 lol.

    any way soon as my Pharaoh is up to par will place him as my main if yall troopers want me to.

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    Amazing! Pharoah eddie is currently one of the best eddies in the game! (Imo) he can dish out damage, tank damage, gain invincibility, and even Revive! Btw revive then invincibility is like op...

    And i agree i hate evolving, takes ages... I was so lucky though, i skipped evolving when i got 3 5* allies! The nomad, alliance general and the warrior COTD, wasted 3 skillshards on the COTD, i dont even use him anymore... I use the nomad, hes a beast!
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