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    Post Overall damage and stats line/gold farming?

    I started playing IM: LotB this week and all fine and good. Until certain point where the power level increased absurdly, around half AMOLAD.
    I got a powerslave (Mummy) Eddie and that's about it. He sucks in early game (didn't tested with full lvl30 hp/magic talismans) and I'm not investing in him right now.
    Since I don't have yet all talismans lvl30 at least for my main characters, I'll farm and finish leveling them (they all are around lvl 40ish).

    So, to the subject without further ado:

    The average of my damage is around 700-1300 on basic attacks (all single target) and 1k healing (group).
    - My initial Eddie is 3*/27 but I don't use him. Though he would have nice dmg output if I used the lvl30 talismans on him (explained later).
    - Mummy Eddie is 3*/46 and as far as I experimented with him he damaged 200-300 :c
    - The Wicker Man is my main Eddie, 3*/39. I use 3x lvl20 blue talismans and a lvl20 green for hp. The usual is around 600-900 dmg.

    - For supporters, I used a Wickerdog King (3*/28), but I prefer the 2* variant Wickerdog of Day (3*/42). He looses around 50hp and 50dmg for the King, but has a WAY better habbility. I use on him 3x lvl30 and 1x lvl20 talismans. That's why I don't use the initial Eddie. I'll invest in talismans for him later. The Day dog does around 700-1k damage, and reaches 2,5k in some spots.
    - My second supporter is Undead Allied Soldier. This guy iS AMAZING. I use on him 2x lvl20 and 1x lvl20/30 blue talismans (he has shock augumentation) and lvl30 green talisman (magic variant). The guy is simple, but has good special stat base and his basic attack has chance to increase fury, so good stuff. He deals 1-1,3k damage and heals for another 1k (group).

    How much do you guys have? And how far did you gone with it (stage wise)? Adressing the character would be nice too, though.

    So yeah, the Undead Allied Soldier was a surprise for me. What character surprised you with good damage output?

    And the most important question, how do you get gold? The ammount gained by farming is kinda meh =/

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    Yes. The game has an incredible difficulty spike. But that being said, almost all the time you'll have "new" missions to play, either regular missions or harder difficulties. I hit a wall a few days back, but upgrading talismans makes a HUGE difference. It takes a lot of gold and resources but they make the difference. Try different talismans and see which work best for you.

    I ditched starter Eddie at the beggining but now he's my main damage dealer. He hit's hard and the stuns are amazing. I got lucky and got Speed of Light Eddie early on so I had heals for days, but you should be able to get through missions without a healer, then come back with one to clear those % ones.

    I have no 4* or 5* and with the help of good allies I'm about to clear battlefield. I should say though that all my main characters are lvl 60 with lvl 30 talismans.

    The biggest amount of gold comes from the secret missions you unlock once you get 3 "Eddies" on every mission of the same chapter. It gives you 10k each. If you can farm Shadow of the Wicker Man on hard it gives you a lot of souls and then sell the characters.

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    Yeah, Secret Locations are a god send. I have them all unlocked for the first three worlds. Some nice and unique Talisman sets in the later difficulty levels (like the Invisible and Thief Talismans).

    My main combo can do between 4k-to-10k Damage, AOE. I use Soldier Eddie (around 30K HP) with the Awesome buff from the 5* Alliance General and my Warrior Bomber Boy, that does AOE True Damage.

    So good.
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    Farming at madness level Underworld where 1st battle yield 3k+ gold.

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    Are u already there??? OMG!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
    Are u already there??? OMG!!!
    I got stuck at Madness level: Blood Brothers. Two bosses in a fight is no joke...Had 1million+ gold and upgraded my Health Talismans to 5* and I'm back at 200k gold. Gonna beat them soon with these upgrades.

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    For most of the game so far, I was using the starter Eddie, got him to 3*, leveled him to 60, plus 4 talismans that increase attack, all the allied soldier, also 60, with all magic talismans, also 30, and I honestly can't remember the third....

    Once I hit the difficulty spike on battlefield, I ditched my third for an Ox Cultist, got him 3*, and gave him some green talismans with wicked HP buffs, since both his attack and healing are based on Max HP.

    That team got me through the 'Heart of Darkness' battle....

    Now my team is Soldier Eddie, level 60, with yellow talismans for attack and special, Ox Cultist, not quite 60, but close, and a Wicker dog of Night. Took all my talismans off the soldier for the dog....with that also 3*, I am pretty much just walking through the rest of the battlefield....

    With 2 healers, one of which does awesome magic damage, nothing so far has given me a challenge.

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