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Thread: The Prisoner

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    I'm running invisibility and energy. Seems to work for me. I've used primordials a few times, but usually stick to these.

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    Invisibilty and Angel talismans still.

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    For me, even awakened he's an utility toon, so I run him with Riders and whatever 2 set I want to test.


    Remove Immunity and Perfect Immunity from all enemies at the start of battle. Reduce Damage taken by 50%. 25% Chance to inflict 1 Mark for two turns on up to two random enemies when you take damage. Removes all Immunity Effects, including Vanish and Perfect Immunity, and inflict Perfect Sleep on all enemies for 2 turns When you reach 1 HP. Heal for full HP and grant increased Power and Fury Generation to all allies for the duration of battle when you reach 1 HP." -Compendium

    Maybe not the best, but removing starting immunity always allows for faster wipes. Plus the added tankiness and "sleepytime" when he's inevitably struck with a big enough punch helps.

    Yes, I was the guy with the "now not so meme" arena defense of Shaman Eddie and three ult. Sac. Hearts. Changed a Heart and Eddie

    I was gone for like 3 years, still getting used to how the game works now.

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    The Prisoner has a lot of good options because of his Special scaling... you can really get yourself a well-defended unit using gunner talis without sacrificing all of your offensive potential.

    Primordials are fine, though I've always found them a bit pedestrian.

    Vanhala/Light + a nice cosmic seems like a good fit.

    Sacred/Immunity are both (well, maybe not Sacred) underrated 2-sets. You could pair either with Serenity/Angel to get a unit that is very well defended and hard to slow down.

    Radiant seems like a good way to kick a fellow while he's down.. and although I'm less fond of 4-sets in the wake of Cosmic Talis (which can be 4-sets themselves, now, giving you essentially three extra slots), perhaps my favorite 4/2 combo to slot a Yellows unit with has to be Sacred/Banner. Your opponent has no good options facing that set (well... unless you're heal-blocked or craved), especially if they're hitting with area damage.

    I don't own Riders. They seem good.

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