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    Killing Walkers

    Sands of Time not reflecting properly - known issue, we're working on it

    In the early hours i loaded the game up i received +20 Sands of Time bringing me up to 47/27, I Played a level when i went back to MY TEAM
    it showed 27/27 so i closed the game and left it till i woke.

    When i loaded the game this morning it showed 42/27 Done one battle and it showed 39/27 went to MY TEAM and saw 27/27.
    Logged out of the game and reloaded it showed 39/27,

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    Left the game on main screen and made a cuppa, when i came back it was showing 27/27

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    It appears the Reward is still as it should be but i thought it should be reported
    February 2nd 2017 Update was a COMPLETE CLUSTERFUCK ! and the final nail in the coffin
    Zombie Stompers
    Kill all Walkers and anyone who gets in your way!
    Kill 'Em All
    UK Based Walker killers

    How many walkers have you killed?
    How many people have you killed?
    150 * MINIMUM

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    Thanks for reporting and for the screenshots! The team is working on it.

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