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    Exclamation I can't remove Troopers from "My Troopers" list - known issue, we're working on it

    Hi there people!

    Listen, I've been adding as many troopers as I can to my profile, but now I came to the situation that I have many weak troopers on my list, and many strong troopers requesting to be added to my list, but I have reached the max number of troopers already. That wouldn't be a problem, as long as I can remove those weak troopers from the list and exchange them for stronger ones, and that's exactly what I did 3-4 days ago until I reached the "Max troopers removals for the day", so when I received this message I just sitted and waited for the next 24 hours, to continue to manage my Troopers area.

    The problem is: since that day, every time I try to remove a Trooper from my list, I receive the message "You have reached the max allowed trooper removals for today", and that's has been happening for 3-4 days already! Due to this problem, I have several weak troopers stucked on my list, and several strong troopers waiting for being added!!

    I'm almost sure that's a bug, so that's why I'm reporting it here, I hope you can handle this in any possible way.

    Thanks in advance, and Up The Irons!!

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    Same problem here!

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    Fix incoming from what Laima said. Hopefully today!

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