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    Improve Chars - Suggestions to Developers KAZ - SPARTON!

    Hello guys!

    Like the good Mustaine would say, Hello guys, it's me again!!

    I would like to create a thread in which we can suggest the devs some adjustments to some "not so loving chars", giving ideas, discussing each other and so...

    Lets start with Visions Eddie (YES, again.... being a serious thread I will not use the F'n).

    He received a nice update, now is more useful in any party, but I feel that he still need a few "adjustments".


    Char Background

    He received a nice upgrade after the last update, now is more useful in any party, but I feel that he still need a few "adjustments".
    After some testings, I have found that he is a Magic based char, regardless being a Sentinel.


    - Give him more Magic since the 233 stat is pretty lame. Im not asking for thousands, no, more than 500 would be ok.


    He has 3 green mandatory:

    - I propose to return the now green 3 talis slot, to the old 2 Greens, 1 Blue mandatory slots that way, players have more options to move on with him and get more advantage of his magic "Nature"....


    Smash (Basic ability)

    "Deals Magic Damage to an enemy. Damage dealt is based on your Max HP."

    C'mon guys!! This is the first mandatory useless Golem basic skill who nobody uses at all, you cannot set the same to a 5* Eddie.
    Give this Basic ability a chance to buff allies or debuff enemies...

    Suggestions :

    - Transfer a beneficial effect to self.
    - Transfer a debuff to enemy.
    - Block beneficial effects on enemy
    - AOE

    Blindside Fury

    "Deals true damage to all enemies. Stunts enemies for 1 turn. You are stunned for 2 turns. Damage increases with your MAX HP"

    Suggestions :

    - Change the TRUE DAMAGE to all enemies, to MAGIC DAMAGE to all enemies. Damage increases with Max HP AND MAGIC

    Stunt enemies for 1 turn, you are stuned for 2 Turns!!! . (This is the most commented nonsense on the whole forum by far)
    - Stunts enemies for 1 turn, you are stuned for 2 Turns. Increases party Def, MR, ATK and Magic for 2 turns(to counter the self stunning)
    - Stunts enemies for 1 turn, you are stuned for 1 Turn.(to balance things)
    - Stunt enemies for 2 turns(no self stunnig at all, since Pharaoh has 3 turns of invincibility which affects bosses, this sounds not so OP at all)

    Thats all with Visions Eddie.


    Char Background

    He receives an HP upgrade after the update, but nothing more. The dealt damage is awful due to his poor stats in ATK and Magic(233 in both) which negates any trying to make him more useful.


    - Improve his magic stat. This to making him use his own Passive at full, and improve his both skills.


    He has 2 green, 1 blue mandatory, I think is ok, BUT...

    - Maybe to give him 3 mandatory blue is a good idea, since if damage is change to all magic, he can be very useful with his passive, and skills. Has a nice HP base also, so dont need to force 2 green slots.


    Being a Sentinel his skills don't help the team at all(just the passive does).

    The abilities are weird... since basic is True damage, his secondary skill(Torch) is only MAGIC based, and he already has 2 mandatory green slots, so if you go with ATK Talis, you will lose a lot of damage on Torch.
    If you go full Magic, you win in more aspects, but the "FLAME" damage is physical, and will make a really poor damage....

    Flame(Basic ability)

    "Deals True damage to all enemies. 65% chance to inflict flame for 2 turns. Flame deals physical damage over time with a chance to remove beneficial effects each turn."

    Suggestions :

    - Make this Magic Based Damage and instead of flame effect, give him the Magic Burn chance.


    Suggestion :

    - If you change the character base in order to making him full magic, this will improve on itself.

    Meditate (Passive)

    "Raise Magic and MR of all allies for 1 turn at the start of battle".

    An excelent one to use with Magus Allies. But since his basic ability is True Damage, he's missing it a lot.

    What do you think about this thread??? Can be useful?? Im asking too much??
    Im proposing this chars because are the ones that I been trying after the update, but the list can grow if you think its a good idea.

    The goal is to add more unbalancing chars to make anyone of them more attractive to everyone.
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