I've been reading this forum for the past couple months and have found it extremely helpful. I wanted to get some opinions on what toon to take to 5* next. Hopefully I'll find more evo shards to where I can do two of them in the next week but we'll see how the drop rates are treating me... lately not much joy even on level X of the rifts.

My main team I use is:
Soldier Eddie 5*
Pharaoh Eddie 5*
Blue Allied Soldier 5*
COTD 5* x2 :-) Sometimes it's fun to let the twins out although talismans need some work.

My current 4* toons are:
Gunner Allied Bomber Boy
Assassin Troll
Pharaoh Sun Spirit
Assassin Golden Son
Warrior Golden Son
Warrior Hellhound
Warrior Rocket dog
Corrupt Harpy - (My legendary soul reward for finishing underworld madness... not happy about that one... Took a couple beers to calm down from that disappointment)
Blue Allied Soldier (Another one that I've thought about taking to 5* but with the nerf bats swinging I'm really reconsidering wasting any more on him until I see how much my other one is effected)
Mummy Eddie

I've go others that I could bring up to 4* but thought I'd concentrate on what I have at the ready.

I have about 40 rare souls that I've been collecting for a month or so and thought I'd wait until the new characters were introduced to see if it would be beneficial. I have around 400 regular souls and cash in 100 in a time when I'm bored... then I'm not bored for 10 minutes or so while I sell duplicate useless toons. If feel like the guy who sits at the slot machine thinking my luck is going to change and it never does. Aside from the time I pulled Pharaoh, Visions, and my 2nd COTD from a 10 pack of souls for 650 ironite it's been a lot of wishful thinking.

Rambling now, but would love some feedback on what everyone thinks the next 5* would be most beneficial.

Happy Grinding!!!