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    I can't guess what's actual reason for this nerfing, if it's a decoy,so we won't able to finish the game quickly now, and won't complain for not releasing new contents and stages.
    and a way to buying times,then it isn't working very well.

    or if the issue was, that previous setting became too easy, because enemy wasn't strong enough,then they could've just revamp the enemy,much easier solution.

    I'd like to think that when I die
    I'd get a chance another time
    And to return and live again
    Reincarnate, play the game
    Again and again and again.

    Please remove image/Video when you quote a message,easier to browse the thread,(faster browsing/saves mobile data)

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    The reason is simple, and I pointed it out in my OP: the values at 5-star Level 1 were incorrectly entered for Fierce & Overwhelming. That's all. No other motives than to correct that bug, and this probably seemed the best time to do so, due to the other balance-related tweaks being made.

    It's more reflective of the previous devs' QA team (it should've been fixed long ago, during internal alpha testing) than of the current devs who are committed to fixing problems.

    Roadhouse did put 95% of this Beast together without issue, though -- kudos to them for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillLion View Post
    I like this a lot. MAA2 (before it was recently discontinued) did this and it was nice. Solid idea.
    That game was discontinued because the team leader was clueless. Looks like this one is heading in the same direction now. Sorry it needs to be said.

    Make the Angel of Fear great again!
    Restore the single target damage!
    No other character has been nerfed so many times!
    Many other characters do much higher damage, and have USEFUL passive skills!
    Why do you hate that character SO MUCH?

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    Received a msg from Sparton :

    Thanks for the suggestion. Me and Kaz are still waiting to see the overall impact on player clear rates and talisman usage, but we've actually had a quick discussion on the merits of your idea. I'm not sure if we'll go with your idea directly, but we do want to incorporate allowing players to further advance their characters (and talismans) in the future.

    Disappointed -- of course -- but I can't fault them for being cautious about re-balancing the game without the numbers to back it up.

    I can also appreciate why they'd keep their cards close to their chests regarding future gameplay features, as to do otherwise might cause more uproar if they change their minds later.

    One thing is for sure: Sparton & Kaz have much more discipline and tact when speaking to the community than I ever could!

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