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    If I answer your question, that would prob be the next nerf?

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    Hahaha. I'm just trying to replace all my fierce and overwhelmings. But I have not had the luck with 3* evo runes others have been getting so don't want to waste them. I've refilled my sot 5 times in underworld madness but have only got 8 so far.

    The gods hate me.

    And you are probably right. From now on delete any post that says a tailisman is great or character that is working better then expected. Watch out red troll (the bat is comming for ya)
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    I learnt my lesson after I recommended Paralysis Talisman in the forum and it got nerfed. I agreed it was overpowered but 35% to 12% makes the added effect pretty much useless. IMO 20-25% would not be so bad but all the way to 12%...sigh.

    Yea red troll was already powerful, no idea why change his attack to AOE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reeb99 View Post
    Don't do it. Think paralysis post-nerf. Just go for damage unless you can double up.

    Well I ran the next to last fight on Ailing Kingdom for a good 30 minutes, and got nothing but 1 star runes and shards... So I'm asking if anyone has had any luck finding them.

    I can confirm that the holy ones now dropping in Ailing Kingdom - I was farming there due to seek green overwhelming ones... No green for me, but on one SoT I've got 3 talis: arcane, power, sorcery... All of them 2* - one of devs said it's a bug that in AK madness are dropping 2* talis instead of 3*... But good that they dropping occassionally afterall... Oh, and I've played the last stage - The Shadow Of Wickerman... Hope I helped

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    ***Edited so my suggested replacement doesnt get nerfed**** Still, was starting to level some freezing, so thats a bit disappointing

    Would probably have helped if they did a table of talisman proc changes like everything else. At least forewarned is forearmed.

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