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    Red face (Now not so) F'N Visions Eddie VS F'n Visions Eddie

    Dear mortals, hi everyone!

    I have made a "serious" testing of the (after update)brand new F'n Visions Eddie, and, in my journey to the unknown, I found several surprises... some real good ones...

    F'N Visions Eddie attacks are some max HP based and Magic based, BUT thats is just the description, because on the run, you will check that MAGIC is really the most important if wou want to deal a nice amount of damage.

    Well, the results of this is as follows:

    World : Underworld
    Selected Stage: Shadows In the Valley
    Difficult : Madness


    HP build

    I try first a build full HP using 6 Health Talisman 5* level 50(I just use Overwhelming, so we went just Hp, no magic plus)

    Name:  HP VE.jpg
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    Name:  Hp Stat.jpg
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    Allies : Troll(for Damage reduction) - Allied General(I don't know)

    Name:  HP BUILD.jpg
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    As you can see the damage is ridiculous going full HP and not taking care of magic at all.....

    So, I made a Magic Build(not sure if it can be improved, I hear suggestions GUYS!!!) with this Talis:

    2 Ascencion (Ward) to get more magic based on HP
    2 Paladin (Power) The same but with MR(he has a lot)
    1 Holy (Power) Thanks to my Axis Commander for sharing it
    1 Health (Ward) All ward 'cause the magic plus

    He has 3 mandatory green, if not I would use 2 Paladin sets, instead of the Holy and the Health ones...

    Name:  MAGIC VE.jpg
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    Name:  Magic Stats.jpg
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    MAGIC build

    Allies : Troll(for Damage reduction) - Pharaoh Dog King((before the test) for the heal and debuff passive; (after the test) for THE AMAZING PASSIVE!!!!!)

    Name:  Maguc BUILD.jpg
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    WOW!!! This is a nice improvement!!! He deals some good damage!!

    The basic ability SMASH deals nice damage, but lacks of another debuff or effect
    Take is really great to remove buff from enemies(The annoying INVINCIBILITY from the Red Souless Demon in example)
    Clutch triggers pretty often Silence, stuning or even both(35% chance)
    Blur deals nice damage and Blind is triggered pretty often too(50% Chance)
    BLINDSIDE ... A not so bad damage plus the STUN ability to all enemies one round
    All the damage was result of Perfect hits.
    Symbol " - " on damage means that the F'n enemy was already dead/or not able to take note of damage/not tested due to lazyness

    Personal Comments to share:

    Now, why PDK Passive is so useful with Now No So F'N VE, if NNSF'N VE is stunned and another allie has a debuff, PDK Passive has a chance to CANCEL the self stunning.
    If NNSF'N VE is the only one with a debuff(the self stun), PDK Passive WILL CANCEL THE SELF STUNNING FORE SURE!!!(YES!! NO SELF STUNNING Plus Healing him more than 4000 HP for free)

    If you go with Axis Commander and use ALL HAIL(or any other skill that makes MR down to enemies) NNSF'N VE and all Magic attacks deals even MORE DAMAGE.

    In both forms, Equilibrium works awesome, removing debuffs and healing 2 turns....
    Titan Shield obviously works better in an HP build, but is a nice one too if you go full magic
    I really would like to have one Blue mandatory rune slot intead of 3 greenies...
    I'm happy because PDK was my first 5* char, and NNSF'N VE my second, and now they're a nice tag team.....(they both were benched)

    That's all friends! This is my first attempt in doing some serious stuff in any forum in my whole life... and my first almost character guide of my existence too...

    F'K You ALL!!

    PS: I can edit the post if something else needs to be added.
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