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    What has happened to Energy talismans?

    From the recent update they are only able to collect up to 3 energy from a 4 opponent team, which is silly and useless.

    Not to say that the usual amount is about 1 energy.

    This is useless in Arena as you're starting with 2 energy and often stay on that, or get up to 3.

    Are you sure this is a good thing to do or did the bug get in the way?
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    I have several energy sets and are my key green set in PVP and also in PVE (though less need there). I use a few health talisman as well but I have always used green. I think these are not processing as much as they did but it may be just RNG - not sure but I often do not get enough on my first turn but have more than enough if I go second. Two or three of my attack team have them depending on which toons I use to attack different teams - they tend to feed my need for power points on my Corrupt Droid power move.
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