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    I'm not sure if you understood me fully. With this idea, you can always still play on normal, hard or madness difficulty on all the worlds, so you can have your easy matches. The thing I'm trying to address is that -right now if you need to farm blue stuff... you have to do it in AK or KotS... and the drops in both of those worlds aren't so great because they are of a lower difficulty.

    In fact, if you look at the drop info, you won't even find standard blue runes (not to be confused with blue evo runes which are different). I am stuck right now because I have a shit-ton of 3* rainbow evo runes... but not enough regular runes or gold to level up any more talismans (just ran out of gold because I've been using other colored runes to level up blue talismans and that gets expensive). I have a whole bunch of blue talismans that I really want to level up and I'm stuck with no place to farm blue runes or gold. I have more than enough evo runes. I'm not sure what to do next.

    It just sucks right now to farm the hardest level on kingdom of the sands because the difficulty is so easy and the drops are pretty poor, but we are forced to farm there (or AK) if we want blue stuff. My idea is primarily made to address this issue. If you are looking for a place to fight that is easy, I don't see why you couldn't fight in normal difficulty with this idea. I just would like it to be worthwhile to fight in all of the different worlds for variety sake while still having a challenge and the chance of getting equally good drops.
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    The problem is mostly with 3* BLUE runes (drop only in the first 2 worlds).
    Endgame players play only in BF (where red and green drop) and UW (where yellow and purple drop) so they can get 3* rainbow runes/shards.

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    i'm playing Crucible of pain in 2nd act on madness since 4 hours and 0 evo shard blue or green 2* or 3* only evo shard white 2* or shit, i'm totally bored........ better loot since update???
    And 0 rare soul since this 'super' update = no troll, no golden son , no general, no wdk etc...
    I'm playing since 2 month and impossible to mount only one 5* caractere and totally stuck to do same things pff
    0% drop chance? wtf
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