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    Dance of the Dead damage question

    Grim Reaper Eddie's fury, "Dance of the Dead", is pretty devastating. It deals multiple hit of magic damage, revives all allies, and has a good shot at dooming a random enemy. Plus GRE has a naturally high special -- when placed in the right team, his fury can proc nearly every round.

    How many hits of damage does DoTD deal (I can't seem to count that fast)?

    In total, how much damage should I expect DoTD to deal fully sharded?

    What talisman / toon / buff combos are most effective with this furyl? (i.e., does it stack with penetrating buff? does it respond to buffs on magic damage? etc...)

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    I use it in my attack team in PVP and i can tell you that's a good special, even though its damage isn't among the highest around (not bad anyways).
    If i'm right it deals 6 hits for a total around 6k damage as average. The good thing is that it's a damage for all enemies

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