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    Mummy Eddie (Sentinel Type)

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    Deals magic damage to all enemies
    Deals Additional Damage to Stunned targets.
    LV2/3 DMG+15/25%


    Power Punch

    Deals magic damage to a single target.
    20% Chance to Stun for 1 turn
    Damage increases based on your Max HP
    LV2/4 DMG+10/10%
    LV3 Effect Chance+15%


    Grants Immunity for 2 turns.
    30% Chance to Extend Duration of Immunity to 3 turns

    Burden of the Damned
    Deals magic damage to all enemies.
    Stunned enemies Taunted for 2 turns.
    Damage increases based on your Max HP.
    LV2/3/4 DMG+10/15/20%


    Bone Shroud (3 PWR)
    Grants Titan Shield for 3 turns
    Titan Shield Absorbs Damage based on your Max HP and will break if depleted.

    Power Smash (4 PWR)
    Deals magic damage to all enemies.
    30% Chance to Stun an enemy.
    Damage increases based on your Max HP.
    LV2/4 DMG+10/15%
    LV3 Effect Chance+10%

    Sacred Sanction (4 PWR)
    Removes a Negative Effect on all allies.
    30% Chance to replace the negative effect with a shield based on the target’s Max HP.
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    This is my favorite Eddie at the moment. The best way to play this Eddie is as a support character, while using 2 high damage dealers as your allies. His damage output is kind of limited, but he has amazing skills. His power smash and power punch will stun an enemy almost half the time when increased to max level, leaving the enemy helpless. The power punch doesn't cost any power points and the smash costs a minimal number of points and hurts all enemies.

    Once you have stunned a foe, use your high damage dealers to dispose of the foes that are not stunned, as the stunned foe can't hurt you. Meanwhile, you can use Burden of the Damned to deal additional damage to all foes and taunt any foes that are stunned. this will prevent them from using any destructive high damage abilities against your buddies.

    Alternatively, you can use your Fury move to shock all foes and do extra damage to the guys that are stunned.

    This Eddie works great when paired with 2 purple characters. Purple characters are notoriously easy to kill but generally do amazing damage. With Mummy Eddie taking the hits and stunning enemies to prevent them from attacking, it makes for a devastating team. I would recommend the purple possessed mine, as it deals high AOE damage (both magic and physical so you're covered either way and since it's purple, no class has a resistance). This will keep your team versatile, provide a great healer, and some awesome consistent AOE damage.

    For your second buddy I would recommend any high damage dealing character. It could be a direct attacker or another AoE attacker for that extra fresh splash of goodness.

    If your buddies are ever hit with negative status effects, You can clear them and possibly provide an additional shield by using "Sacred Sanction". This skill is currently bugged and doesn't use any skill points! I'm sure the devs will fix it soon, though so at that point be prepared to use 4 power points to cleanse the dirties off your friends.

    Your weakness is against red characters. If facing a group of them, try to kill as fast as possible. Otherwise, if it's a "christmas gang" of multi-color annoyance, use your power punch instead of power smash to ensure a stun against the red dude vs. taking a chance on a random stun against some character you don't fear. Once stunned, take out the red dude with your buddies first and then focus on the others.

    You are strongest against blue characters. Since you don't do much damage to begin with, it's not important to try to kill them quickly. In fact, you take almost half damage from what is normally one of the strongest classes in the game. Kill all others and then face the blues. Make sure you stun them first, though, as your buddies are sure to be vulnerable to those nasty magic attacks. Once stunned, pick off the other christmas clowns and kill the blue ones last.

    To build your Mummy effectively, I highly recommend drowning him in green talismans to ensure a Mummy that can walk in front of a tank and still survive. Heed my advice: try to use talismans that boost defense vs. ones that boost magic defense. The reason for this is that you are more vulnerable to red characters (90% of which do physical damage) and therefore a high DEF stat will keep you guarded against them. Second, you take less damage from blue characters (90% of which do magic damage), so you don't need to waste precious talisman real estate on magic defense. Not to mention, magic defense talismans will have lower max stats all around to balance out the perceived power of having a high magic defense. In other words the same green talisman that gives you 4500 health and 114 magic defense will give you 6800 health when you take the defense bonus over the magic defense bonus.

    After much testing, I have come up with the best talisman setup for him: You are required to put a blue talisman on him, so opt for one that boosts HP, DEF, and Magic Def. It will give you a little extra tankiness. The rest (And I mean all 5 others) should be Health Talisman (Overwhelming). Don't be concerned about the Atk boost (I know this eddie does magic damage and not physical). Your damage is based off of Percent of TOTAL HP. This means the higher HP you have the more damage you'll deal. Health Talisman (overwhelming) is the only one that caps out at 6800+ HP bonus PLUS when paired gives you an additional 15% HP boost (off your base HP stat). All other Health talismans cap out at 4500. This means when maxed out you are dealing over 1,000 more damage when using overwhelming vs. health. Not to mention Overwhelming talismans give you DEF bonus, which is useful to help mitigate damage from red characters.

    I have tested many combinations of talismans on this Eddie, and even with all blue (holy and paladin) and 1 green he was doing about HALF the damage of what he does now with the above setup. Plus, he now has close to 50,000 health. Yes, you read that right. Your character that does 7,000 damage per hit has to hit him for 8 rounds to kill him. That's if I don't put up my "Titan Shield".

    Last note: Don't be confused by his skills descriptions: He does magic damage (TYPE) but it is not fully based off his magic stat (STAT). There is a big difference. His damage is based off of a percentage of his grand total HP and a bit off his magic stat, but the damage output is far more heavily affected by his HP. So to get the most damage out of him (still doesn't compare to other "attack centric" characters), make sure you get his HP as high possible. So the damage being magic damage is only for the purpose of seeing which defense stat will help defend against it. It doesn't mean his magic stat is what is used to calculate it. In other words, giving him Health Talisman (ward) will actually have you doing much less damage (even though your magic stat will be much higher) than if you give him Health Talisman (Overwhelming). I hope this makes sense.

    I hope this helps anyone who wants to make use of the awesome Mummy Eddie! Have fun and I'll see you in the trenches!
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    This is a really great review @Vaseodin. I got him a long time ago ans when I saw the stats I never used him.

    I'll give it a try.

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    @Vaseodin, awesome tactical guide! I just got the mummy Eddie but have tried him several times thanks to my Troopers. By the way I love you guys! I haven't been a fan of this one because I was trying to use him incorrectly. I will definitely follow your advice!

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    Nice review, @Vaseodin! I have him maxed at 3*s and used him until I got carriage rider eddie. I think you've convinced me to take him to 4*s and keep working him.

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    An interesting aspect of the Bone Shroud (Titan Shield) ability: each of your Eddies in the party gets a shield. So if your Mummy's shield breaks, you can tag in another Eddie and that Eddie's shield will be undamaged. Same goes for Visions Eddie's Titan Shield. If you're not concerned about grinding XP, I'd seriously consider putting a Mummy Eddie in your party just for the Titan Shield (or even a Visions Eddie since his Titan Shield doesn't use Power).

    Many thanks for the detailed insight, Vaseodin! I have a Mummy Eddie riding in the back seat of my party collecting XP. Once I've finished upgrading the talismans for my Soldier and Rainmaker, I'll work talismans for my Mummy according to your specs.

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    IMO best fury CG in the game...

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    Well, he would do wonders if Ward Talimans had max cap as Overwhelming ones. Hope it gets fixed soon =/

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    Just got him from a sentinel soul... anyone knows where to get green overwhelming talismans?

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    Madness level Powerslave is good.

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