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    Quote Originally Posted by BonFire View Post
    This guy is a royal pain in the ass to deal with. Seems the times he attacks 4 times to me are the times I could actually win a match until he takes out my harpy and I'm left with two characters. I usually can survive without my Eddie, but the harpy is the one he aims for with 4 attacks.
    Shell talismans kill Grim Reaper Eddie dead. Just about every Grim Reaper build is a glass cannon. He bounces off of the Shell talismans (and high HP Sentinel characters) and then gets crushed.

    But yeah, I've seen teams involving a Grim Reaper, a Nomad, and a Red Bat, and they'll vaporize a couple of your toons if they go first if you're not prepared.

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    EDIT: This build has been rendered useless by the recent change to energy talismans. They used to be able to steal power from every target they hit, now they can only steal power from one target at a time.

    Has anyone else considered building Reaper Eddie for anything other than pure damage? (I only read half this thread, so sorry if that was already answered. Anyway, I mostly use my Grim Reaper as a support character in the arena, with an Energy set and a Freezing set. I mostly use Horrow (his AOE attack that can heal himself and gain an extra turn). This almost always gives him a heal, since it's a 50% chance for all 3 hits, and usually steals 3-6 power. The chance to freeze enemies coupled with the chance for an extra turn makes for some truly powerful, if inconsistent, crowd control. Anyway, I use those power steals and extra turns to use high-cost abilities (such as The Nomad's Mirage and and The Prisoner's Chain) in the same turn. Since I recently acquired a (gunner) Golden Son, who can give my harder-hitting allies an extra turn for just 5 power, I usually end up stunning, freezing, or killing half the opposing team in a single turn, with half my own team being invisible more than half the time.

    I think glass cannon Grim Reaper is probably better for cosmos and time rift battles. But in the arena, I go with the high-health, power stealing Reaper Eddie >:D
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