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    New chars worth upgrade

    Hey, just got Corrupt General and Angel of Strife. Wich one should I upgrade/shard first?

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    It depends. Do you need more defense or offensive power? Angel of Strife can protect the team. It doesn't need much shards for that. Corrupt General is pure attack power. And it is quite expensive to fully upgrade. But it is useful in every stage of the game.

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    Good answer from Ole. I have both chars, but both are not sharded. I do not like to play with a blocker, but if you like that strategy the Angel is a good choice against blue teams. But you will need to find ways to keep him alive / revive and prevent block passives and block beneficials to be applied.
    The General has no good survivability and the damage output also is not that great. Earlier in the game, when Immunity was not that abundant, he was great for stunning the whole other team in PvP. Unfortunately I did not have him during that time. Yes, you can still use the stunning in few situations in PvP and of course in PvE. But in my opinion, he is doing too little damage and on auto-play you cannot be sure that he will attack first to lower magic resistance first, before your other magic damage dealers hit. Also he is expensive in terms of skill shards!
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