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    Samurai Eddie (Warrior Type)

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    Way Of The Warrior
    Deals physical damage to all enemies.
    Grants Armor Penetration for 3 turns
    Increases Physical Damage enemies taken for 3 turns.
    The Armor Penetration status causesyour attacks to ignore the enemy’s defense
    LV2/3/4/5 DMG+10/10/10/15%


    Flashing Blade
    Deals physical damage to a single target.
    25% Chance to gain Class Advantage for 1 turn
    Get an Extra Turn if you gain Class Advantage
    LV2/3/5 DMG+5/10/15%
    LV4 Effect Chance+10%

    Cyclone Shield
    Activate a Cyclone Shield for 2 turns.
    Cyclone Shield reduce magic damage taken and reflect true damage to the attacker with a 35% Chance to drain their Fury Meter

    Crimson Strike
    Deals physical damage to a single target.
    45% Chance to inflict Grievous Burn for 2 turns
    Grievous Burn deals physical damage over time with a 35% chance to Reduce Healing and Stun the target every turn
    LV2/4 Damage+10/15%
    LV3/5 Effect Chance+5/10%


    Ronin Slash (4 PWR)
    Deals physical damage to all enemies.
    30% Chance to Taunt for 1 turn
    Damage dealt increase based on the enemy’s Current HP
    LV2/4 Damage+5/10%
    LV3/5 Effect Chance+5/10%

    Furious Charge (6 PWR)
    Give Physical Charge to all allies for 2 turns.
    Physical Charge doubles the effectiveness of the next physical damage ability used.

    Soul Sheath (5 PWR)

    Grants Lifesteal for 3 turns.
    30% Chance to gain invincibility for 2 turns.
    Lifesteal heals you for 60% of the physical damage you deal.
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