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Thread: Top 5 ....!!???

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    Top 5 ....!!???

    So pretty new to LoTB pretty overwhelmed by all the characters... My question if any are willing...

    1) Top 5.. 3 star toons to level up and max, if any ( not including Eddies )

    2) Top 5... ANY toon to level up and max ( not including Eddies )

    3) Top 5.... Eddies to max with and shard.

    Thanks again in advance, Any help on just this would be great start....

    I'm not real bright with this stuff first timer, haven't even begun to figure class advantages, talismans, what the heck buffs are that are talked about, etc....

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    There are a lot of great resources on these forums regarding characters, talismans, Brave New World Strategies, etc. It's been a long time, but characters that I used a lot to get through the game were Magus Allied Soldier, Warrior Child of the Damned (who I luckily got early), Sentinel Allied Bomber Boy, Angel of Fear and Angel of Pain. At this point, there are so many good characters, especially some real good 4* ones.
    1) Top 5 3* - Magus Allied Soldier, Warrior Soulless Demon, Warrior Golden Son, Sentinel Dog of War and Gunner Dog

    2) Top 5 Non-Eddies - Clairvoyant, Astra, Warrior Lilith, Angel of Fear and Gunner Dog (mostly for BNW)

    3) Top 5 Eddies - Vampire Hunter Eddie, Navigator Eddie, Piece of Mind Eddie (just got him), Seventh Son Eddie, Grim Reaper Eddie

    But obviously certain characters are better for the arena or farming for materials for example. Fear of the Dark Eddie is a farming machine, Tailgunner is good on BNW. Also it really depends on who you get. Good Luck!
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    Top 5 3*s: Warrior Golden Son, Warrior Possessed Rockets, Sentinel Allied Soldier, Sentinel Undead Rescuer, (3) Desert Guardian, Dog of War, (4) Magus Allied Soldier, Wickerdog Queen, (2) Gunner Dog, (5) Gunner Undead Allied Soldier, Assassin Demon Spawn, (1) Assassin Golden Son

    I numbered the ones I think are most useful, in order, but, as infinite dreamer mentioned, it really does depend a lot on what you get, and what you need them for. That said... these are the only 3*s in the game I would reasonably consider sharding (and I definitely haven't sharded them all myself), based on needs that may arise. I'd give honourable mention to the two-star Undead Hunter (Gunner) and the lowly one-star Pharaoh Water Spirit and Pharaoh Sun Spirit, all of which can be useful, early on.

    Top 5 Non-Eddies: The Beast, The Prisoner, Clairvoyant, Magus Lilith, Golden Pharaoh Dog... but there are tons of other useful and great toons... definitely check the guides.

    Top 5 Eddies: Piece of Mind, Iron Eddie, Visions Eddie, Vampire Hunter Eddie, Pharaoh Eddie... but Speed of Light Eddie can be a monster, and is easy to get. He'll need a blocker though, to be built all blue... with Magus Lilith, he can be a terror.

    Free and for nothin': a good, easy-to-get team early on would be Speed of Light Eddie, Desert Guardian, and Magus Allied Soldier... sharded, these three toons could take you through the regular missions, easily. Hope that helps. Have fun in the forum, and up the Irons!

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    I quite honestly rarely remember what star level a character started as until I see a duplicate.
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