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    Vampire Hunter Eddie (Assassin Type)

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    Deals massive true damage to a target
    Revive all allies
    Grant Critical Strike chance for 3 turns
    LV2/3 DMG+10/20%


    Deals physical damage to a single target.
    30% Chance to trigger Additional Attacks.
    Each attack has a chance to Critically Strike
    LV2/4/6 DMG+5/10/15%
    LV3/5 Effect Chance+5/10%

    Gain Fury.
    Grants immunity for 2 turns
    20% Chance to gain an Extra Turn

    Deals magic damage to all enemies.
    Heals all allies base Missing HP for every Mark on the target


    Rouse (5 PWR)
    Deals physical and magic damage.
    35% Chance to Revive a dead ally.
    LV2/3/4/5 DMG+5/5/10/15%

    Mark (1 PWR)
    Deals true damage to a single target.
    Marks the target for 4 turns. 30% Chance to gain an Extra Turn.
    Marks can be consumed with Perfect Hits to Deals true damage.
    LV2/3/4/5 DMG+10/10/10/10%

    Stake (3 PWR)
    Deals true damage to a single target.
    100% Critical Strikechance for 2 turns if the enemy is Marked.
    LV2/3/4/5/6/7 DMG+5/5/5/10/10/15%
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