For me, one of the best Eddies,
I have it at 4 stars, lv80.
He had made the game easy, with really bad fellows I have achieved 3 skulls on all levels till MADNESS on the "army" stages, and till HARD on "demon" stages

The only bad point is his low hit points, if all the bad guys attach you at the begining of the combat, they kill you. (a critical from a sentinel can also kill you).
I'm using 4 penetrating talisman (to avoid MR of enimies) , and ine green talisman to increase his hit points.

The best power is the Torch (3 PWR), it does great damage, and it heals you a lot, and is really cheap (when your avatar is in a good level you win 3 power points all rounds, therefor you may use it all rounds)
This makes the diference with other eddies, he can wing all alone a battle, and to figth for looonnggg time. (the worts is when someone stuns/freeze you... then you are nearly dead)

His secong better is the fury. Removing the beneficials from the bad guys, increasing your stats, and decreasing the enemy stats is amazing.