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    Carriage Rider Eddie (Magus Type)

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    Black Embrace
    Deals magic damage to all enemies.
    Remove Beneficial Effects from enemies.
    Raises All Stats of allies.
    Lower All Stats of enemies
    LV2/3 DMG+10/20%


    Deals magic damage to all enemies.
    30% Chance to Transfer Negative Effects to enemies.
    LV2/4 DMG+10/15%
    LV3/5 Effect Chance+5/10%

    Deals magic damage to all enemies.
    50% Chance to Loer Magic and MR for 2 turns and increase your own.

    Life Line
    Grants Spell Vamp to allies for 2 turns.
    Spell Vamp Heals for 60% of the magic damage you deal.


    Torch (3 PWR)

    Deals magic damage to a single target.
    Remove Debuffs and Heals self.
    75% Chance to Regen HP to a random ally for 2 turns
    LV2 Healing+15%
    LV3/5 DMG+10/15%
    LV4 Effect Chance+15%

    Preserve (5 PWR)
    Heals all allies.
    Increase Effect Duration of positive effects.
    Heal amount is based on your MAGIC stat.
    LV2/3/4 Healing+5/10/15%

    Ghost (7 PWR)
    Grants Immunity for 4 turns.
    Grants Ghost for 4 turns.
    Ghost prevent death, but permanently kills the target once the effect expires.
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