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    Tailgunner Eddie (Gunner Type)

    Name:  Tailgunner_Eddie.png
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Size:  53.9 KBFURY

    Raining Death
    Deals 3 rounds of random damage.
    Damage scales based on your ATK.
    This ability grants an Extra Turn to all allies if you get a kill.
    LV2/3 DMG+10/20%


    Deals physical damage to all enemies.
    LV2/3/4/5 DMG+5/10/15/20%

    Increase DEF for 1 turns.
    Increase MR for 1 turns.
    Heal 20% of Max HP

    Gain Power.
    30% Chance to gain an Extra Turn


    Triple Shot (4 PWR)
    Deals magic damage to a random target.
    20% Chance to gain an Extra Turn.
    Damage dealt increases based on your ATK and SPECIAL stats.
    LV2/4/6 DMG+5/10/15%
    LV3/5/7 Effect Chance+5/10/15%

    Second Chance (5 PWR)
    Deals true damage to a single target.
    25% Chance to Reset.
    25% Chance to gain Endure, Invincibility, or Immunity status.

    Radar (4 PWR)
    Gain 3 Power Instantly.
    45% Chance to Silence all enemies for 1 turn.
    LV2/3/4 Effect Chance+5/5/10%


    3 Open / 2 Gunner / 1 Warrior
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