Curious as to what characters we will get with that update (or future updates waaay in the future). Here are some things that i think will be great ideas (in no shape or form implying that we WILL get any of these):

* Fear of the Dark Eddie - This is a no-brainer
* Lots of shadow creatures and darkness related beings (mist-type allies, shadows, specters, apparitions, etc).
* A versus mode
* Ability to combine shards
* A "Phase 2" for maxed characters to progress further (Maybe each star changes to black as you gain a new star and "evolve"). The new max characters could be level 100 with 5 "black" stars, etc.
*Maybe a new set of special abilities. In addition to past, present, and future maybe add "Twilight Zone" abilities
* Maybe a new additional way to upgrade characters (equipment, New "Special Ability" stuff, etc).

What ideas do you guys have or hopes for future updates?