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    Pharaoh Sand Spirit : TANKIEST OF ALL!

    Since everyone know about me that i am obsessed with Ancient Egyptian style chars, i always keep an eye on them. After the update, i noticed about ultra positive changes about his stats. So i have decided to bring him to 5* level 100 and never regret it.. There was only one negative side before this Hallowen Update - he had a one red talisman spot. I mentioned it to dev team and now they fixed it to blue, i am so happy about it! As i know, he have the highest DEF and MR in the entire game. Take a look:

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    wow. nice found osiris...very interesting! but not a huge fan of his skills. but he could be usefull anyway...

    don't be a mofo and join the mofos.

    if you are interested in joining one of the top 5 clans in lotb, contact me and we can start the negotiation. we are full atm but we can put you on the mofo list if you like.

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    Wow. Makes me wonder what it's like with an ascension set and two Paladin sets.

    Make the Angel of Fear great again!
    Restore the single target damage!
    No other character has been nerfed so many times!
    Many other characters do much higher damage, and have USEFUL passive skills!
    Why do you hate that character SO MUCH?

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