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    Saying 'Hello' because that's what's up!

    Hey everybody I'm Jav, new to the forum but been playing LOTB since June I think. I posted in someones feed about having FotD Eddie a few days ago and have beefed him up to a 4* Level 80 since and picked up quite a few Trooper requests (at least 20) since posting. I'm one piece away from making him 5* so it will happen sooner than later... I didn't notice this section before my first post so I thought I would take a sec to say, 'What Up!?'

    A few things about me...

    1) Iron Maiden fan for 3+ decades. First album was released two years after my birth year. They are one of my earliest memories of music along with KISS, Sabbath and Zep.
    2) Maiden is why I became a musician and bass player.
    3) I have the 'Killers' album cover tattooed on me.
    4) I've only seen them live in concert two times in my lifetime but both times were epic and free of charge!
    5) I'm from Southern California.
    6) That's all you get and I'm out!


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    Hi and welcome
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