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    Suggestion for the Daily rewards.

    I was having my morning coffe when I started thinking about how 'easy' the daily rewards are to complete. So I came up with and idea to make them more 'challenging' for advanced players.

    My idea is to create like different levels of daily rewards, and then everyone decides which one to do. Like for example "Kill the boss on Battlefield madness with a 3 star toon without any talismans on" or "Defeat (Green/Red/Blue) dungeon with a (Blue/Green/Red) team" (so you don't have class advantage).

    Things like that, just for the sake of having fun (I'm sure it would be challenging to think how to carry him to the last stage and then make him do the last movement to kill the boss). What do you guys think of this idea?

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    Stick to the tea

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    My suggestion is that the "open 5 souls every day" has to be deleted as we have no space for new characters and the "classic" souls have no interest for most of the players. Or an option to sell the souls as soon as they are opened have to be offered quickly because right now it's boring

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    It is very annoying as I'm at 100/100
    We urgently need more space especially as we have better drops on characters ATM
    Straight after an event which encouraged us to buy souls
    Almost at the point of having to sell 4 star characters
    So either get sacrifice up and running or more space ASAP

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