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    Lost all progress, help here?

    Hey, everyone

    Today I encountered a HUGE issue with the game. I was playing casually, decided to stop and closed the app. When I tried to return a few hours later, I couldn't get past the loading screen. I thought it was my internet connection, but after a few hours of trying on different places I realised that the problem wasn't there. I deleted and reinstalled the app, and everything went fine until I started playing.

    EVERY SINGLE MISSION was reset back to the start. The story has started all over again, along with the daily rewards. I kept my characters, talismans (fortunately), but the story has been reset to 0 along with my Trooper badges.

    Since I already have some 4* characters I don't think I will have a problem with getting through all over again, but it is very frustrating that after 3 weeks of playing I have to start all over again for something that wasn't my fault. I'm a level 40 user that has dedicated hours to the game and the fact that the backup doesn't work as it should.

    I will be glad if I hear some word from the moderators about this, I will continue playing because I really care for the game and want it to get better. But issues like this one can really cause some trouble.

    Thanks for reading!
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