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LOL and secret locations.

Here is something that's important, VARIANCE. I play a lot of high stakes cardplay no-limit holdem. I can go for weeks where I'm getting my ass handed to me even though I'm playing the best cards as best I can in the best ways possible. Later, it will work out and I'll be in the winning position more often than not.

In LOTB I *will* have bad days where what I want to have isn't the same as what I get even though I'm fishing in the best spots.

This is a game, which is made up of a combination of skill, strength, and luck....it's not just one of those, it's a dynamic that yes, could use some tweaking imo, but overall can be seen to be moving towards a better one.
Interesting take, but here's the funny thing: I'm not even looking for rare souls because I don't even have the room to accept those missing toons offered in the promo since there has been no character slot expansion. I have simply noticed that over the past 3weeks or so, I get a "new content' updating interruption, and regardless of what's fixed or added via the patch, something invariably becomes 'broken'.