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    Please Fix Power Up Rune Droprate

    To the devs, please fix the droprate for power up runes or come out with brave new world soon. Since the update, I've gathered many great characters I want to work on, but I can't. Shards and gold are no longer the problem, power up runes are . I grind everyday only to get mostly evo runes, shards, evo shards here and there, but rarely any power up runes. It's taking me a very long time to max out all the talismans on my Warrior Troll and I've had him for a while now (maybe a month). Theres a list of other great characters I want to work on (such as the almighty Assasin COTD, Alliance General, Assasin Golden Sun, and others). But how can I when it's so hard to get one talisman to level 50?
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    The problem I'm having is that at least some campaigns aren't dropping the right colors. Just farmed Underworld - Madness - Snake Eyes with a full SoT and got red, blue, and green Evo runes... but not a single purple or yellow.

    I thought the worlds were supposed to drop just two specific colors now?

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