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    Want Eddie to take a nap or plank?

    In case you wanted Eddie to get some much deserved rest or do a plank for you, just hold your finger on him for a couple of seconds in the character screen. It's pretty funny to see him fake his death. Actually works on all characters and support allies.

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    Nice! I thought it was an error when I saw my Eddie lying down once lol.

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    LOL that's hilarious

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    It shows the death animation of any of your units, not just Eddies

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    lol. yeah that's what i meant by "it works on all characters and allies."

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    The best is when you so it a couple of times or more in a row... to see him stand up and fall back down aft er a massive coronary.

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    Yeah, also if you double tap any character they do their victory stance thing. Its a pretty neat feature I suppose.

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