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    Angel Of Pain (aka Blue Bat)

    I just got this killer from a rare magus soul recently and evolved him to 5* rightaway. Since i know he have high damage and useful abilities. I have put a set of 3 x Energy + 3 x Freezing talismans on him, because his basic attack triggers his accuracy rightaway. Any experiences with this killer?
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    I have him too, but personally I find the red bat more useful with the passive.

    But in PvP I have a feeling his de-buffing capability will be very, very useful!

    As for talismans, I'd be inclined to go standard magus issue 2 x health (ward) and 4 x holy (mixed), but your setup is pretty good too. I just prefer freezings on AoE hitters.

    My other bat tip is to have him in your first slot always. That way he doesnt get in the way of your view!

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    Anyone else find it ironic that the Angel of Pain is the only angel who can't use Torture?

    Going to agree with Osiris - upgraded to 5* straight away. Very interesting character, that ability seems like it would be deadly in PvP.

    Note that the AoP has the highest Magic stat of Magus characters. I went with 2 Health, 4 Holy, but the fact that the basic attack is a guaranteed accuracy self-basis just screams for triggered effect talismans (Energy and Freezing are the obvious choices). It's harder to spec than the others and I love it.
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    The power abiity deals a lot of damage as it is, but can be boosted a lot by skill shards. I'm really considering putting my spare shards on this guy.
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