I made my calculation this afternoon: after playing all available troopers left, I will be 75 badges short of a 5,000 badge skill shard goal. I spend the next hour or two battling with my troopers and accruing the predicted badges. At 4825 I stop and post on the forums. I refresh and find players used my trooper for what SHOULD be 50 points, but I still am at 4,825. Back to the forum to post and I am notified that 3 more players used my trooper for what should be another 75 badges, but again, I am STILL at 4,825. My last 4 troopers available will put me at the anticipated 4,925 that I calculated hours ago, despite having notification of 5 players supposedly contributing 125 badges, which would amount to 5,050 and a skill shard.