The Talisman are doing my head in, trying to find which ones i need and which ones i dont need. I've never played a game like this and finding it hard trying to figure out what talisman to keep & upgrade what to bin
what talisman to equip with different characters (now I've just got a different talisman which i aint seen before CYCLONE TALISMAN(POWER) )

Already have over 100 and to expand TALISMAN slots to 125 slots is 55,500 GOLD or 40 IRONITE (Is the game free to play?

If anyone can help me and understand the game better I'm a Man On The Edge at the moment

From what i read here:
If you have IDENTICAL talisman they give a increase, I've added two identical talisman of identical type.

IRON TALISMAN(SKILLED) and but different level one is 3* 1/30 the other is 2* MAX.20
Yet only the ODD pair GUARD TALISMAN (WARD) Shows a SET EFFECT.
I'm Thinking it may be yet another bug, is it?
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Now i've got too many Talisman,Shards and characters with limited space I did have two of each character I got up to 80 all different, to expand to 85 slots is 165,000 GOLD or 110 IRONITE
I'm not going to coin a game that isn't working, i dont get that much incapacity benefit