I am just wondering what makes you decide to drop a trooper, especially if they are daily player.

I try to keep my list at a manageable 30-35 so I can guarantee to play them all every day. If someone doesn't get badges from me, its because the game crashed, or was down for maintenance. I've finished the campaign now, but even before that, I never risked someone's champion on a level I had no chance with, so very very few deaths ever. I dont think anyone would drop me for activity but not sure (???)

I have only been dropped by a few people as trooper, but rejected by a few as well. I have rotated my Champion between Soldier Eddie (lvl 100, 4x 5* talismans, maxed + 2x 4*) or Nomad (lvl 100 with all 5* talis) when it's Green Lord of Light day. Would I be better off leaving it as Eddie all the time and not try to provide a useful ally?

For me, I will drop people if they are inactive for 10+ days (with one exception for some guy with an awesome Wicker Man which I keep using). Otherwise I keep people on my list as long as they are active. Wondering what you guys do.