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I will drop a trooper who is inactive for more than a week if I have trooper requests. I will also drop a trooper if they switch their champion to something completely useless. For example, I once had a trooper who changed their champion form a 5* Lvl. 100 corrupt general to a 3* Lvl. 10 Eddie. I dropped him quicker than a bad habit. I like helping out players who don't have very good characters yet, but if you are giving me garbage to play with while hiding great toons on your bench then you deserve to get dropped. I have tried to keep track of who is using my champion, but am not able to. I always accumulate more trooper badges than there are players who show up as having played my trooper, so I only go by last time the person logged in as a guide when to drop someone from my trooper list.
I have had troopers do this a few times. I assumed they were trying to lock it and accidentally crowned it. If I ever change mine to something dumb, just let me know and I will fix it. Early in the game I tried to find Nomad troopers and got one that was fully skill sharded. I only had it for a few days before he changed it to a 3 star level 1 Desert Warrior with zero talismans. I played with that stupid thing for a week hoping they would realize it before I dropped them. A trooper name Zuda, I wonder if he is still playing?