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    Boring but simple strategy

    Just thought I'd share my simple, but boring strategy for beating the dungeons. It came about because I simply couldn't kill the buggers do I wondered if I could employ the same technique.

    Using a Golden Son assassin you simply keep using immortality, which means your team won't die. You can the chip away at the enemy until they are nearly dead, (on the assassin dungeon in particular) they eventually don't have any shield and you can kill them. I have a troll with cyclone talisman and if you get the shield they even kill themselves.

    As I don't t seem to be able to get any too soon upto 5* this is the only way I can beat these. As I say boring but it works ☺️


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    be carefull in the gunner dungeon, since the boss can steal your buffs ;-)

    don't be a mofo and join the mofos.

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    Yup, I used this almost exclusively. Another trick is to use Speed of Light eddie to keep immortality going without using power points - saving them for other characters.

    But with that, there was a reason that the gunner dungeon was the last one I got to level 10 on! Same, that strategy didnt always work in battlefield & underworld (pyros & blue angels respectively). So you need to also keep trying to improve those talismans. With a decent support team AND talismans, your assassin golden son will be wiping out enemies before they get a chance to do any damage soon

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