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    Game Update - November 22nd 2016 + Brave New World Characters!

    Part 1 of our Brave New World themed content becoming available and a bit of tuning adjustments in preparation of the upcoming PVP feature.

    Brave New World Characters
    The first assault from the Brave New World has arrived, but you have the opportunity to take advantage of their power by summoning the minions of the Demons of Creation before they arrive!

    Highlighting the charge against these devastating minions is Storm Eddie, an Assassin-class debuff specialist, with an emphasis on Blinding and draining Power from his enemies. Use him in conjunction with the new Undead Rescuers, Corrupt Droids, and Corrupt Rescuers as you get ready for the coming challenges!

    To help celebrate the arrival of these new characters, we have a limited time event running for the next week! For more information check out the corresponding Event post.

    For more information about Storm Eddie, check out the his post in the Character Discussions subforum.

    Character Tuning

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    Bug Fixes

    • Various back-end stability improvements, including improvements preparing for PVP
    • Improved readability of some parts of the UI
    • When using a shield status effect (Reflect Shield, Magma Shield, etc), there is a possibility that the game will enter an infinite loop that requires force closing the app [Fixed in App Store update 2.1.8/Google Play update 301954]
    • Marks may not always do the correct damage [Fixed in App Store update 2.1.8/Google Play update 301954]

    Known Issues

    • Certain characters (primarily newly-earned characters) may not appear in the battle results screens which show gained XP. They will still gain XP, though
    • Perfect timing heals will consume marks on a healed ally and damage them for the mark's damage
    • Certain popups that should only appear once per session (Daily Rewards, Starter/Legendary Packs, etc) will trigger each time you go to the Cosmos screen. The non-pack popups can be worked around by force closing and reopening the app
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