First I'd like to thank all developers for their great and tireless work on this awesome game!
As someone who plays everyday since its release I'd like to add my ideas:

Daily Rewards
  1. Please increase the daily login rewards from 24 to 30. February will be a problem, but sure you will figure it out.
  2. Consider adding skill shard, trooper badges, class rare souls, legendary soul (not going to happen I know).
  3. Increase the gold amount in the daily achievement rewards, because it's too low for high ranked players. 10x would be nice, but too much for new players. Implementing player rank based gold rewards could be a lot of work, but worth considering.


  1. Please don't force this on us!
  2. Avoid Pvp only rewards!
  3. Add leaderboard, gold rewards, even ironite but don't make Trooper Eddie or others only acquirable playing in the arena!

  1. Communicate more before releasing new content. Please state what you are going to add and how will it work. Players would be able to comment before it's release, so you could have feedback in time!
  2. Everyone is waiting this function like a messiah, but we know nothing about it other than it's coming soon. I'm queuing 13 Mummy Eddies and 10 Speed of Light Eddies for sacrifice and want to be sure it's going to worth it.
  3. Sacrificing 3 five star Eddies for a Rainmaker Eddie for example could be nice.

  1. Lower Sentinel Soulless Demon and Pharao Dog from 4 stars to 3 stars. They are ruining legendary souls for a lot of people.
  2. Decrease the Gunner/Assassin Rare Souls trooper badges price to 2500.
  3. After the Brave New World event, modify the BNW Soul to have increased drop rates on every 4 and 5 stars from every class and make it available for 3750 trooper badges. It could be better than rare souls but still not a legendary.
  4. Consider adding Eddie Soul Fragment for 10k badges or more. It could summon a guaranteed Eddie. All Eddies should be available for all. - Or:
  5. Give all Eddies as achievement rewards like the Grim Reaper. - Or:
  6. Make all upcoming Eddies 3 stars only so they will be easier to get.
  7. Remove Soldier and Wickerman Eddies from souls. They are available through the story.

  1. I live in Hungary and these store prices for me are insane! All of them should get a 50% cut!
  2. At least have some huge sales sometimes, not just the more ironite for the same price thing...
  3. In Hungary I can buy The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 together with all their DLC cheaper than a Legendary Boundle...

Halloween, Bonfire, Thanksgiving...great! Keep it up and have some frequently. At least one in every month. For 3 days increased drop rates on all high level Magus chars, etc.

  1. Need player ranks higher than 100. We loved the free refills!
  2. We need more skill shards!

Feel free to add and comment!