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    well, i agree with some points.

    Lowering the G/A-Soul to 2500 would be great. At the BNW Event I rather spent loads of points for 125 G/A-souls to get storm eddie than a 3750 dupe.
    Sacrifice ... yeah, I'm heavily waiting for it ... time do dump my dupe eddies.

    Open the City of Night world or at least the BNW dungeon to play something new for us endgame players. I loathing ironites and have nothing to spent them on, as the only "good" character missing for me is Assassin Pyro soldier, so maybe even a G/A-Soul for Ironites would be fine.

    Level ups/SoT refills beyond LV 100! At this rate it's only possible for me to get through all 50 troopers by playing 4 or 5 SoT matches and wait out the refill. When i'm playing LoL, i'm now depending on spending SoT refills. Another alternative would be: watch a 20-30 second advertisement video to get a random amount of ironites/sot/trooper badges, like twice a day? (this principle works in many free to play games)

    An "Eddie"-only soul would be nice, too. Yet the only "good" eddie i'm missing is pharaoh and i only need one on Lightbringer Madness, as nothing new is available.

    (By Endgame, i mean my first account, not the samurai-account below in signature)
    i had nearly all characters (all devices combined, some sacrificed), only missing:
    2019 Eddie Guy Farks Eddie, Wicker Toon Awaken The Pilgrim, Wicker toon Awaken, Valhalla Maiden Fallen Icarus Eddie, Lone Star Eddie Magma Beast Ed
    main: satani-7954 - Life after Death Ed
    second: satani11ce-5461 - Where the Eagles Dare Ed
    mobile: satani666-5224 -Thor Ed

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    Really good suggestions, i hope the devs will implement some of them.

    An perfects daily quest would be to use 45 troopers and get some additional badges as reward.
    More than 5 crashes a day are very unlikely so we can be sure that everyone can clear this quest.

    don't be a mofo and join the mofos.

    if you are interested in joining one of the top 5 clans in lotb, contact me and we can start the negotiation. we are full atm but we can put you on the mofo list if you like.

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    I've been leveling up my dupe Eddies to level 80 in anticipation that higher star and level sacrifices will yield better chances. I'm thinking there was a hint somewhere along the line that it would, but I haven't been able to remember where. Eddies are the easiest to level since you can drag them along in the back. All the other dupes I've been trashing, but that isn't any 5* as I've only ever pulled one of them. A few 4* dupes got the axe, but I kept (and leveled) a dupe green soulless demon to level 100.

    Make the Angel of Fear great again!
    Restore the single target damage!
    No other character has been nerfed so many times!
    Many other characters do much higher damage, and have USEFUL passive skills!
    Why do you hate that character SO MUCH?

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