Hi Everyone,

I could use some advice on who to evolve to 5* next. I have enough to promote one Magus and one Sentinel. Here is some background first:

I currently only have four 5* characters - Soldier Eddie, Visions Eddie, Fear of the Dark Eddie, and The Nomad. Because of this, I need at least one of the promotions to be another non-Eddie so I can field a full 5* team. Currently I use a 4* Red Rocket Dog for that spot. I have many maxed out talismans but have not been able to beat Underworld Hard yet.

Sentinel choices:
Allied Bomber Boy
Soulless Demon (already maxed on skills as he was my first 4*)
Golden Son
Newborn of Light
Haunted Pumpkin
Allied Soldier
Undead Allied Soldier
Angel of Strife
Mummy Eddie

Magus choices:
Allied Soldier
Haunted Pumpkin
Masked Harpy
Newborn of Light
Pharaoh Dog
Angel of Pain
Wickerdog Queen
Speed of Light Eddie
Wicker Man Eddie

Also, any insight into why you suggest one over another would really help. Thanks!