so today, I reached the beast on madness. and boy was I shocked... I can't even get to him!!!

I rely heavily on my gunner child of the damned, to give my team a heal shield with his 'golden stare'. But if I face an enemy with the siege passive (blue bat or demon dog) the heal shield disappears after my turn

for those that don't know, 'siege' is supposed to reduce benefitial effects by 1 every turn. the heals shield should last for 3 turns, but 'siege' removes it completely before I can even use it.

alright, no problem, I just start to build a super heavy hitting 5* lvl100 assassin Golden Son with 6x maxed out assassin talismans, and kill them before they can siege me. easy right?
even after the char with 'siege' has died, it STILL removes the heal shield (even 2-3 turns after they died...), leaving me very vulnerable and killing my glass cannon GRE instantly...

anyone out there having the same bug?

PS: I tried to use this to my own advantage, and use the same glitch with MY blue bat... nope. the bug is only on the enemy's 'siege', not on my own.